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10th Annual Scholarships Awarding Ceremony of Abrar Educational Foundation – 2023

Palestinian Ambassador in Sri Lanka Dr. Zuhair Zaid recently highlighted the value of education and said elders should encourage children to pursue higher education considering that it is essential for creating useful citizens in society.

The Palestinian Ambassador made these remarks at the tenth annual scholarship presentation conducted by the Abrar Educational Foundation, Beruwela. The event was conducted under the purview of former Media Minister Imtiaz Bakeer Markar.

Turkish Ambassador R. Demet Sekercioglu was also present. During the presentation which was held at Zam Rifai Hajiar Vidyalaya Auditorium, 46 schoolchildren from low-income groups received scholarships to pursue their higher education.

Former Minister Bakeer Markar admired Abrar Educational Foundation’s former President Al Haj A.W.M. Ajwad for his valuable contribution towards the success of this programme from the inception and said this scholarship programme will be continued in the years to come.

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